into the dalek was amazing!

I see people in the doctor who tag really really trying to hate it, and I’m almost sure it’s because they think it’s a moffat episode. It’s not. Moffat has co-writing credits because he wrote all the heaven scenes with Missy, but everything else was written by the wonderful Phil Ford.

Capaldi’s Twelve may be the best thing to happen to Who since Eccleston and Clara getting development beyond one-liners and one-shot scenes! Amy never had the same luck.

Next episode seems like a fun breather one (given that Listen is gonna be heavy as fuck), I’m so excited!


Hey when people say “fuck white people” please keep in mind that those are just words on the internet while actual, real white cops are really murdering black kids and now terrorizing an entire town of innocent civilians. People are being shot and arrested for the crime of being brown while outside and you’re mad because someone angrily “generalized” in a blog post boohoohoo reverse raecesms wehhhhhhhhhhhh

get over it

get. over it.

Craig Ferguson by Donald MacLellan for Empire Magazine, June 2000.

Craig Ferguson by Donald MacLellan for Empire Magazine, June 2000.

god bless people who love making graphics and try to put show dany in targ colors but something i feel people go overboard with coloring her eyes purple and all the dresses red and sometimes it kinda looks like this

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finger the cake

finger the cake

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